January Update: Recording an Album

We’ve been busy the last few weeks doing pre-production work for our next album All Paths Lead to Here. Drum and bass tracking starts on February 3rd with Jay Vega at Wilderness Recording Studio, with guitar and additional instrument overdubs happening in various locations later that month. If all goes according to plan, mixing and mastering will take place either late February or early March. That said, we think it is reasonable to expect a release date at some point towards the middle of the year.

Preliminary recordings at the practice spot have produced about 42 minutes of new music- all songs that have been stage-tested and refined throughout most of 2017. See the image below for track listing and order.


Anyone who has seen us live recently will know that particular collection of songs has the potential to be quite a bit heavier than our 2017 debut Wilderness Tales. Though our sound has evolved somewhat, we will still be retaining our signature style of minimalism mixed with drone. To illustrate this point, here’s a live recording of “Closing the Circle” from our WRCT 88.3 FM in-studio performance that happened in October of last year.

Check back here or on our Facebook page for updates as we venture into the studio and beyond.