October Update: Pictures, Videos, New Songs and More!

October has been a pretty eventful month for us, despite The Long Hunt not playing any actual shows. That said, It is worth mentioning that the break from gigging was indeed intentional, giving us a welcomed chance to focus on new material and a few other things that will be revealed later in this post. Speaking of shows, we have a handful of dates scheduled in November (Monotrope and Night Vapor on November 2nd and Karma to Burn and Doctor Smoke on November 19th) as well as an in-studio video-recorded performance at Mindrocket Studios for the Jimmy Fro Show. Before we get into that, here’s a recap of what we have been up to for the past month or so.

Descendants of Crom

On September 29th, we played an all-acoustic set for the Descendants of Crom Acoustic pre-fest, as part of the first annual Descendants of Crom festival (a gathering of rock, doom, sludge, and metal) that took place the following day. We debuted two new songs that night; a stripped down version of “The Winnowing Hand”, as well as our rendition of “Como Poden Per Sas Culpas”, a 700+ year old traditional song that was made popular by its inclusion in the original Conan the Barbarian movie. We would like to extend our appreciation for the positive feedback from the crowd and want to thank the venue and all the great bands that played, it was really a lot of fun. Special thanks to Shy Kennedy (of both Blackseed Recordings and Releases and Descendants of Crom) for giving us the opportunity. Below are some pictures of us playing this show, taken by Megan Williams.




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WRCT 88.3 FM Advanced Calculus Radio Performance

Earlier this month we played an hour long live radio performance on Pittsburgh’s WRCT 88.3 FM, as part of the Advanced Calculus program. The performance took place on Monday, October 16th and ran from 9:00 to a little after 10:00. Below is a video featuring audio taken from that performance, as well as the video loop teaser that was made for the show. The music is a previously unreleased track called “Closing the Circle” that we have been playing out at shows over the summer. We really appreciate all the friends, family, and fans who tuned in live, we really can’t thank you enough for your support. Also, thanks to Sean Cho and crew for engineering, mixing and of course for giving us this really fantastic opportunity.


Allison featured in Punksburgh’s Music Blog

In other exciting October news, Allison was featured on a recent post for the Punksburgh music blog. The feature includes an in-depth interview about her past and current musical projects, including her involvement in The Long Hunt, as well as a few pictures and video. Read the article on Punksburgh’s website.  Thanks Lauren Stein and Punksburgh for the great interview!



November Shows

November is already shaping up to be busy, with our next show scheduled on Thursday, November 2nd at Gooski’s with Monotrope and Night Vapor. We’ve heard great things about both bands and are really looking forward to sharing the stage with them. Expect a night of music that is dynamic, experimental, heavy, and loud!


We are really excited to announce that on Sunday, November 19th, we will be opening for the mighty Karma to Burn at Cattivo. If that wasn’t enough, Ohio’s exceptional Doctor Smoke will be on the bill as well, a band we’ve wanted to share the stage with for a while now. We’ll make sure to put some of our harder hitting tunes together for this one!



Jimmy Fro Show/Mindrocket session

Last but not least, we will be recording an in studio performance on November 26th at Mindrocket studios in West Middlesex, as part of the Jimmy Fro show Podcast. The plan is to record both audio and video of two of our songs, which will then be available for viewing and listening online withing the next few months. More information on this later, so check back.

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