“There are only three members (drums, guitar, bass) but it sounds like many more. The band is entirely instrumental, and it doesn’t need lyrics to weave a tale. All it has to say is delivered through the feeling of each epic track.”

Meg Fair of Pittsburgh City Paper on All Paths Lead to Here

“There isn’t a desert anywhere near here, but you wouldn’t know it when this band is melting your face off (they’re even better live, by the way) with these Earthy-y gems … Their new record is highly recommended and as beautiful as it is heavy.”

Brian Krasman of Meat Mead Metal on All Paths Lead to Here

“The trio succeeds with its sound because every minimalist instinct is balanced by jolts of grandiosity and abrupt change. The sound is unpredictable. Think something between Sleep and Slint: unsettling, heavy and mesmerizing.”

Alex Gordon of Pittsburgh City Paper on Wilderness Tales

“This is one of the most charismatic songs and performances to be captured at Mindrocket Studio.”

Jimmy Martin of Mindrocket Sessions on The Long Hunt’s live performance

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