May Update

Here are a few quick updates for the band as we close out the first week of the month of May. Probably the most obvious one is that the site got a new look with the triple-eye banner and tree background. Our bandcamp site got a similarly themed facelift as well. No real reason for the change in appearance, I guess I just thought it was time for something new.

Another change to the site includes the addition of a dedicated video page. Currently we have four videos up, one of our live in-studio recording of the song “Ground of Being” and three recorded at last month’s show with The Skull, Horehound, and Monolith Wielder at Cattivo in Pittsburgh, PA. The three live gig videos were graciously done by the great Jeremy Schindorff and crew of Toledo, Ohio’s NWO Metal Militia and That Local metal Show. Definitely check these guys out, they do great work and are an asset to the local music community.

Here’s the four videos for convenience sake:

We also have some show announcements to share, with our first trip to Youngstown coming up on Friday, May 19 with Analog Faze, Sexy Pig Divas, and Knife Fighters. It is going to be an awesome blend of Stoner, drone, fuzz, doom, psych and garage rock, for sure! Here’s the flyer I designed for the event:


Here’s a link to the Facebook event page for the show. If you live in the area, please consider coming out!

Its a little ways off, but we are scheduled to play at Pittsburgh’s annual Deutschtown Music Festival, happening the weekend of July 14 and 15th. We’ll be on the outdoor stage at 5:00 on Friday. Here’s Friday’s full schedule. In addition, Allison and Mark will be playing that Saturday with Emily Rodgers Band at the JAMES STREET GASTROPUB and SPEAKEASY. I’ll no doubt be helping to haul gear and will of course be taking pictures. Its going to be a lot of fun.

We have a handful of other shows in June and July that are not able to be announced yet, so be sure to check back!