Wilderness Tales (February 17, 2017)

The songs on Wilderness Tales are typically slower, sprawling, meditative, and sparse- a mood sometimes contrasted with the occasional outburst, dense arrangement, or driving repetition. The music sits comfortably in the experimental, psych and alternative rock categories while occasionally incorporating elements of desert, drone and post-rock.


“This isn’t the music of lily pads and fawns sipping from streams. Wilderness Tales channels the punitive, indifferent randomness of floods and wildfires.”

“The trio… succeeds with its sound because every minimalist instinct is balanced by jolts of grandiosity and abrupt change. The sound is unpredictable. Think something between Sleep and Slint: unsettling, heavy and mesmerizing”.

-Alex Gordon, Pittsburgh City Paper



released February 17, 2017

The Players:

Mark Lyons: Drums
Allison Kacmar Richards: Bass
Trevor Richards: Guitar, Electric Sitar, Mellotron


Bass and Drums tracked by J Vega at The Wilderness Recording Studio, Zelienople, Pennsylvania. Guitar, electric sitar, and Mellotron tracked by Trevor Richards.

All songs produced and mixed by Trevor Richards. All songs mastered by KRAMER at Noise Miami.

Deer head sculpture and album photography by Trevor Richards.

Very special thanks to KRAMER and J Vega for their expertise and excellent ears on this project. Extra-special thanks to James Dittrich, Joe Frankland, Phillip Funtulis, Matt Hawout, and Jesse Spillane for providing early listening and feedback. In addition, the band would like to thank Erik Cirelli and Emily Rodgers, Chris and Barry Kacmar, Walter and Carol Lyons, Fred and Joni Pratt, Megan Williams and all of our family and friends for their continued support.